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What is a replacement tail skin?

A tail skin is the stretchy mermaid skirt (made of swimsuit fabric) that covers the monofin swim flipper. You may want to add more sizes and colors to your collection, or you may just want to replace a tail skin that has been well loved.


Note! Replacement tail skins do not come with monofins or protector stickers. You can buy monofins and protector stickers separately, or save some money and order a tail & monofin in a set.


Comfort and Quality

Our realistic scale mermaid tails are made from 80/20% polyester/spandex material with 4 way stretch.

Mermaid tails are delicate and can tear very easily on rough surfaces. Use our protector stickers protect the tips of your mermaid tail (the most common area where damage occurs) while you are getting used to swimming like a mermaid.

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